Attention, tech wizards. You are blessed with a set of skills, gifts and talents. It's finally time you unleash all of your powers as a member of the KBS IT team. Here, you will be a part of the core tech backbone that finds new ways to bring ingenuity to social, mobile, cloud and Big Data for a global business juggernaut. Deliver innovative application, infrastructure, end-user support and security solutions to drive technology-enabled growth of Koch companies. We work with leading technology manufacturers to deliver innovative technology solutions to maximize connectivity for all 120,000 Koch employees.

Every year, we increase our bandwidth by 20 percent and our data grows 30 percent. So we're always looking for new, motivated talent to add. With multiple IT teams around the world and the culture that encourages you to take charge of your career, you have the opportunity to succeed at KBS.
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Discovering solutions for employees in nearly 60 countries means KBS has a global presence. Along with main locations in North America, Europe and Asia, many KBS employees work remotely from other sites worldwide.

  • Michael Downs, Director of Communication Services

    “There are a lot of opportunities for people to be a contributor or leader right here in a very large and diverse technical environment.”

  • Laurel Anderson, Customer Support Analyst

    “We have employees all over the country and the globe. This diversity gives us the chance to constantly learn from each other.”

  • Casey King, Supervisor for Computing Support Systems

    “Employees are able to change career progression direction without needing to find external employment. At Koch, there are endless possibilities for you professionally. They look at each situation and make sure the right talent is with the right role.”

  • Vincent Parry, Project Manager

    “At Koch, I learn something new every day because the culture encourages everyone to challenge ideas and share their knowledge.”


KBS Vision Statement

To be a global partner that provides business solutions to Koch companies. Solutions provided will be of high quality, cost effective and enable our customers to focus on maximizing value. Through developing trusted relationships, we will be the preferred partners where our capabilities provide a comparative advantage. Our business will be innovative, agile, scalable, and positioned to profitably support the rapid growth of Koch Industries.