Human Resources

At Koch, employees are the most important resource. That's why hiring the right people and retaining them is so important. As an HR pro for KBS, you're responsible for creating innovative opportunities for our valuable employees. We are strategic in helping organizations adjust to changing workforce demographics, globalization and new technologies to ensure our 120,000 worldwide employees have the right tools and resources at their fingertips.
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Discovering solutions for employees in nearly 60 countries means KBS has a global presence. Along with main locations in North America, Europe and Asia, many KBS employees work remotely from other sites worldwide.

  • Kandice Toney, Senior Employee Support Specialist

    “I enjoy being a consultant to our customers and business partners with the HR community. I'm able to educate employees in the area of health and welfare where there can be a lot of uncertainty.”

  • Raheel Huda, Human Resource Specialist

    “Working at a company as large and dispersed as Koch allows you to be exposed to so many different types of environments and people. It's an experience that can't be matched anywhere else.”

  • Rek J. Carter, III, Senior Employee Services Specialist

    “Koch Business Solutions takes a profound interest in my development and growth within the organization. Here, you're valued as a contributor and not just a cog in a huge machine.”


KBS Vision Statement

To be a global partner that provides business solutions to Koch companies. Solutions provided will be of high quality, cost effective and enable our customers to focus on maximizing value. Through developing trusted relationships, we will be the preferred partners where our capabilities provide a comparative advantage. Our business will be innovative, agile, scalable, and positioned to profitably support the rapid growth of Koch Industries.