Dealing in the billions of dollars every year, our finance team is continually looking for smart, driven people to join our team. With us, you can navigate different global industry needs, rules and regulations for tax, accounting or finance projects. With KBS, you can combine your experience with business and operations knowledge to take charge of your own career. We have the resources and roles to find an opportunity that you'll love.

We want the best financial minds to work here and help us grow, which is why we promote from within and offer an outstanding intern program to help bring new and fresh ideas into the team. We also offer a rotational program for accounting to help you find the path that will allow you to get exactly what you want out of a career.
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Discovering solutions for employees in nearly 60 countries means KBS has a global presence. Along with main locations in North America, Europe and Asia, many KBS employees work remotely from other sites worldwide.

  • Emily Fagan, Treasury & Benefits Supervisor

    “If you are a person who appreciates challenges and has high expectations for yourself, this is a great place for you and you will be rewarded.”

  • Scott Davis, Tax Analyst

    “I know Koch wants me to succeed and add value. And they have the resources to help you do it.”

  • Aleisha Donald, Relocation Accountant

    “Some companies hire you specifically for a position and if you don't meet it they will fire you. At Koch, you're free to be yourself. If you embody integrity and other strong core values, they'll work with you to find a role you'll love.”

  • Peter Lawrence, Procurement Analyst

    “Koch offers many advancement opportunities and a wide range of career paths. Here, I have a real opportunity to grow my career and really choose where that growth is aimed.”


KBS Vision Statement

To be a global partner that provides business solutions to Koch companies. Solutions provided will be of high quality, cost effective and enable our customers to focus on maximizing value. Through developing trusted relationships, we will be the preferred partners where our capabilities provide a comparative advantage. Our business will be innovative, agile, scalable, and positioned to profitably support the rapid growth of Koch Industries.